Inspector drone improves the utility inspection process by reducing expenses, increasing efficiency, safety, and improving the quality of information. High-frequency, high-resolution and “big data” collected by Inspector drone is secured and stored. Using advanced logarithms, we analyze the data and provide advanced deliverables. The result is better information at a fraction of the cost. Allowing for assets to be deployed where they are needed most.

Power Line Inspection

Inspector drone has become a vital tool for energy businesses looking to efficiently collect crucial information for their operations. Inspector Drone’s power line inspection services provide access to hard-to-get-to locations by getting close to assets and taking HD pictures and thermal images. Using Inspector Drone is a safe and efficient alternative method for all energy inspections. Inspector Drone’s proprietary process transforms the utilities inspection of their transmission and distribution infrastructure.

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Solar PV Drone Inspection:

NABCEP Certified, FAA licensed UAS pilot provides thermal imaging drone inspection services for PV farm operators, turning raw data into actionable insights for the O&M team performing preventative maintenance.

  • Thermal inspections
  • Site scouting
  • Site pre-surveys
  • Preventative maintenance inspections
  • Visual inspections
  • Media gathering
  • Data gathering
  • 2D ortho-mosaic maps
  • Site monitoring
  • Solar Site Audit
  • Post Solar installation Third Party Quality Assurance Service

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Wind Turbine Drone Inspection:

Traditional inspection methods are either inefficient, costly or ineffective. Our wind turbine blade inspection services enable wind farm asset operators to efficient monitor and track the condition of their turbine blades with detailed image data and precise measurement of areas that need further attention. Our inspections provide access to hard-to-get-to locations by getting right up next to the blade and taking 3-D pictures that show any dents or holes.

  • Blade condition assessment
  • Chronological damage tracking that can compare issues over time
  • Comprehensive information based on advanced data-analytics to assist in decision making and set repair schedules

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